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We started with the mission to create amazing products. But how do we create amazing products without the people who create them? That's precisely why People are our No.1 product! Everything else comes second. We view our culture as ever-evolving.
Our tightly knit team has been together ever since the culmination of our parent company, True Sparrow Systems Pvt Ltd., for more than a decade now. We have built and created multiple award-winning products and experiences together, and we believe that amazing people are capable of achieving immeasurable heights!
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When we come together as a team, extraordinary things are born. Our mission is to maximize the positive impact we deliver on our users and customers, our team, and society at large.
  • We've designed, built and launched beautiful products over the years. We treat all these products as our own, which empowers us with responsibility. Setting and upholding high goals and standards that stretch the boundaries of what you perceive to be possible is what we aim for. We encourage feeling deeply responsible for your work and taking the initiative.
  • Making mistakes provides us opportunities to showcase our leadership. Not giving up in front of an obstacle, treating failure as valuable feedback, picking yourself up swiftly after every fall and taking action to correct it, calls on us to face those fears. Hence, we are not afraid of making mistakes. We own up to our mistakes and reflect on them.
  • We bring a spirit of curiosity and ensure transparency in everything we do. Making relevant information as accessible as possible-even when it feels uncomfortable, seeking to be exposed to various perspectives & experiences and we assess them with an open mind.
  • We are humble, down-to-earth people who believe in putting our best feet forward in understanding customer needs and exceeding their expectations in everything we develop. This means building and scaling world-class products that enhance the lives of our users, help businesses thrive and have positive externalities.
  • Communication is all about listening, checking in and being proactive about status updates that lead to effective project management. We are open and believe in receiving feedback graciously and investing in creating rich and lasting relationships so people can thrive together.
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Nishith Shah
Deepa Shah
Sunil Khedar
Abhishek Roy
Ajinkya Chikhale
Alpesh Modi
Ashfaq Bhojani
Balakrishna Hebbar
Daksh Bharadwaj
Dhruv Tailor
Dishaka Tarafdar
Dnyaneshwari Abuj
Ganesh Chavan
Gopal Jasani
Harsh Siriah
Kartik Kapgate
Kedar Chandrayan
Kiran Kamalakar
Mohit Charkha
Neha Dadhich
Parv Saxena
Prashant Matta
Prineel Bandellu
Rachin Kapoor
Sandesh Jain
Shraddha Falane
Somashekhar Mulimani
Thahir Gangireddypalli
Vaibhav Dighe
Vinay Harwani
Vindeep Chaudhari
Yash Shah
Yougesh Lad
Nishith Shah
A veteran entrepreneur, Nishith has been building consumer and enterprise internet products for over 15 years. He aspires to cycle across the length of India next year.

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